Community Education

YWCA Regina offers many community programs and education for all ages. Our programs cover topics such as healthy relationships and healthy masculinity, gender-based violence prevention, mentorship and leadership building, self-esteem, tutoring, employment skills, and much more. Scroll down to learn about all we offer.

Upstander Workshops


YWCA Regina’s Upstander Workshop can be tailor-designed to different groups, all with the ultimate goal of empowering individuals to understand gender-based violence, and be positive allies. This workshop is 3 hours long and can be broken up over more than 1 date/time if need be. We can host your group at the YWCA, come to your office, or present virtually – it’s entirely up to you!

The workshop includes content such as:
– Understanding Gender Based Violence and why it’s an issue for everyone
– Rape Culture vs. Consent Culture
– Understanding power, privilege, and intersectionality
– Learning positive bystander intervention strategies and how to be a good ally
– Healthy versus unhealthy relationships
– Emotional intelligence
– Healthy masculinity
– Safe bystander intervention

Upstander Training is FREE!
To request a workshop or get more information, CLICK HERE to complete the request form.

Big Boost

YWCA Regina’s Big Boost Tutoring Program enhances the studying experience of students in grades 3 to 9 by teaching practical skills, providing one-on-one tutoring, and helping see studying as a productive and fun experience.

Students learn how to study effectively, gain practical skills for focusing and staying motivated, and receive direct support for volunteer tutors. Big Boost is a great opportunity to build relationships and help to BOOST your children’s self-esteem as they becomes more confident in their skills.

Big Boost takes place for 1 hour one weeknight a week during the school year, and is entirely free.
Spots are first come first served.

Youth Employment Program

YWCA Regina’s Youth Employment Program supports young women and gender-diverse youth between the ages of 15-30 who are facing barriers to employment.

The Youth Employment Program (YEP) offers 4 weeks of paid job-readiness courses where students will learn practical skills, resume workshops, gain basic workforce certifications, and more to prepare them for the working world. Courses are immediately followed by 8 weeks of full time employment with a work placement. The goal of the program is to assist these youth in building workplace skills and confidence and acquiring full-time employment. It aims to find supportive and trauma-informed ways to encourage those who face employment barriers find long-term meaningful employment opportunities that align with their personal goals.

Participants must be unemployed and currently not in school.

YWCA Regina’s Youth Employment Program is made possible with funding from the Government of Canada.

In-School Programs

Healix is YWCA Regina’s high school support group aimed at supporting the mental wellness of youth. This 10-week program is overseen by a facilitator and mental health professional who work with youth to manage and improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve community and social connection, and learn healthy coping skills.

Girlspace is an 8-week leadership program for girls + gender-diverse youth to learn knowledge and skills, explore issues impacting women and girls, build confidence and self-esteem, learn about healthy relationships, and much more. This program aims to help girls and gender-diverse youth practice healthy lifestyle skills and feel more confident in school, life, and all they do.

Upstander in Schools is an 8-week leadership program for boys and gender-diverse youth in grades 6-8 to build knowledge and skills in topics of positive masculinity, emotional literacy, healthy relationships, and the issues impacting their lives. In this course, boys will learn how to feel more empowered in expressing their emotions and taking action against gender inequity.


YWCA’s OurSpace reaches out to girls and 2SLGBTQIA+ identifying youth with quality programming that addresses key social issues facing young girls and youth while providing a safe place to hangout on a Friday night.

The programming offers youth the opportunity to increase their awareness of topics such as inclusivity, identity, puberty, healthy relationships, gender-based violence and its root causes, self-esteem, advocacy, self-care, and celebrating personal achievements.

OurSpace incorporates movement into the programming. Facilitators organize games and often arrange guest instructors to assist with this part of the sessions. The movement aspect of the programming is aimed at getting participants to engage in varied activities.

OurSpace is free and open to girls and 2SLBGTQIA+ teens aged 13-17.

Y’s Kids – Children Exposed to Violence

Y’s Kids offers free group programming to caregivers and children who have been exposed to violence or disharmony, supporting them in their healing journey.

Children, aged 5-15 take part in supportive groups with age-appropriate content that assists in learning about healing and emotions through discussions, creative crafts, and fun activities. At the same time, caregivers and parents attend alongside their children, and receive support and education about the impacts of violence and trauma on families and children, and have a safe and supportive space to explore healing and coping mechanisms.

The groups run for 7 or 10 weeks each fall, winter, and spring.
CLICK HERE  to learn more about Y’s Kids – CEV.

Y’s Kids – Run Club

As part of Y’s Kids, our summer run club offers children aged 5-14 the opportunity to be active and build healthy habits and practice goal-setting through mini-marathon training. Children can train for the 2km or 3km Queen City Marathon Mini-Marathon. The group is made for all fitness levels and free to join. Through the summer, children work with a volunteer trainer from July to September, leading up to the mini-marathon.

Power of Being You Annual Conference

Occurring during the YWCA Canada Week Without Violence, Power of Being You is a free yearly conference for high school students in Regina centering around Gender-based Violence prevention and building a violence free community. Each year, this conference brings together youth from across the city for a full day of engagement, learning, and skill-building to ignite equity and learn to build a violence-free community.

The conference’s aim is to respond to local community needs and focus on a variety of issues, including self-esteem, healthy relationships, dating, discrimination, gender, racism, gender-based violence, among others. YWCA Regina has hosted this conference for students in Regina since 2012.

Babysitting 101

Babysitting 101: With YWCA Purpose and Values as a solid foundation, this course will provide youth (12 and over) with the skills to confidently care for children in a residential setting and develop a strong mentor relationship. This one-day course includes the activities and training needed to create confident, independent, and responsible babysitters. This course is for any youth wanting to learn how to be an effective babysitter and to develop skills that will help them build an impressive resume. Eleven-year-olds may be able to take this course depending on the maturity level of the student.

Cost: $75


  • water bottle, snack, lunch*
  • pen/pencil, paper
  • doll or teddy bear

*There will be a break for lunch for students between 12:30 – 1:00 p.m. if parents would like to take their children for a quick lunch at one of the downtown restaurant locations, otherwise students are encouraged to bring a bagged lunch.

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Safe and Sound 101

Safe and Sound 101: With YWCA Mission and Values as a solid foundation, Safe and Sound 101 will provide youth (10 and over) with the skills to confidently stay safe at home alone! You will leave this 3-hour course with fire & emergency safety skills, housekeeping & cooking skills, and basic first aid.

Cost: $30


  • water bottle, snack
  • pen/pencil, paper
  • doll or teddy bear

All classes run from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Jan 21 – FULL
Feb 11 – FULL
Mar 17
April 21
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June 16
July 21
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Sept 15
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Dec 15

YWCA Big Sisters of Regina mentoring program provides girls and young women a role model to talk with and share their experiences. Through regular outings and ongoing communication, a relationship is developed between the mentor and the mentee, which is built on trust and common interests and is supported by our experienced caseworkers. The result is life-changing for both the mentor and the mentee. Big Sisters aims to build confident, supported, and encouraged youth. When we have happy, healthy young people in our community, everyone benefits.


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