The YWCA Upstander Education Program is invested in stopping gender-based violence before it starts.

Our FREE workshops are offered to people of all genders to give them the education, information, and skills needed to be an active ally in the fight to end gender-based violence. Workshops are available for workplaces, classrooms, community groups and anyone else who is interested. Presentations can be customized for the audience.

The Upstander Program is presented with the generous support of the Government of Canada through Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE).

Each Workshop Covers:

  • Gender-based violence: what it is and why it’s an issue for everyone
  • Consent: how to build a culture of consent in your workplace and community
  • Bystander Intervention: specific tools and strategies to help stop violence before it starts

How long is the workshop?

  • 3 Hours Total

Where does the workshop take place?

  • At the YWCA Regina, at your workplace, classroom, or other location, or virtually!

How many people can be accommodated in a workshop?

  • Ideal group sizes are between 10-20 participants, but workshops can be customized based on your group’s size

How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost for Upstander Training!

To request a presentation or find out more, you can contact our Upstander Education Coordinator, Cecilia Rands at:
306-525-2141 Ext 132 or
You can also click HERE to fill out a request form directly