SAY YES to helping women and families succeed!

Say YES to Helping Women & Families Succeed!

Your support of this community fundraising campaign will:

Provide Safety by supporting women fleeing violence staying at Isabel Johnson Shelter, My Aunt’s Place and Kikinaw Residence.

Create Environments of Love by supporting kids in our children’s homes who are awaiting the next step in their journey and helping us ensure their well-being.

Show Someone Cares by helping women and families in crisis through our Outreach Services. Sometimes this is as simple as a ride to a medical appointment, or providing formula or menstrual supplies, or sometimes it’s as complex as finding appropriate housing for a family of eight.

Provide Opportunities through our social programs, like Big Sisters which provides mentorship, or Children Exposed to Violence program which helps families heal.

Promote Healing by helping us focus on Reconciliation and providing culturally relevant services.

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  1. Colleen Vogel
    Colleen Vogel says:

    We have new handmade toques and scarves to donate.
    Do you you have warming centre’s for winter that we could give them?
    Colleen Vogel


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