Gender-Based Violence

Safe to Surf?

If you have accessed this information because you are in an abusive relationship, please consider your safety. Abusers often monitor your online activity just like they monitor your other activity.

You should be aware that abusers can easily monitor computer use. Even if you delete your history, ‘spyware’ is available to track every site you visit and everything you type. If you think your computer activity might be monitored, it may be safest to use a computer at a library or a friend’s place to search for information, or send emails related to your escape plan.

YWCA Regina believes that we are a strong voice for women and survivors of gender-based and family violence, largely due to the programs and services that we provide to women and families in our community.

Nearly 50% of Canadian women will experience gender-based violence in their lifetime. Indigenous women are three times more likely to report being a victim of gender-based violence than non-Indigenous women. In Saskatchewan, the rate of sexual assault is twice the national average. 78% of women accessing YWCA Regina emergency shelters do so as a result of violence.

Isabel Johnson Shelter

YWCA Regina has provided a safe place for women and families experiencing domestic violence for more over 40 years at the Isabel Johnson Shelter. Our long-term commitment is to prevent gender-based violence, to break the cycle that perpetuates violence, and to work toward a violence-free community. The programs and services that we provide address both the need for immediate intervention and for long-term preventative work.

The Isabel Johnson Shelter is a safe place to stay while you work through future plans and a place to turn to by phone if you need someone to talk to about the abuse you’ve experienced. Our services are confidential and free of charge. To set up your stay, or for support and guidance by phone, call 306-525-2141 and ask to speak to a shelter worker.

If you are a woman who needs to flee a violent or abusive situation, then you are eligible to stay, with or without children, without charge. When you call us, the staff member you talk to will ask some questions about your situation and will let you know whether there is space available or not. If Isabel Johnson Shelter is currently full, they will suggest other options for you and do everything possible to support you in finding a safe alternative.

What to Expect at Isabel Johnson Shelter

  • A private facility

  • Private bedrooms for single women or families

  • Shared kitchen and living rooms

  • 24-hour staff available to assist and support you

  • Optional group support activities

  • An atmosphere of respect

Isabel Johnson Shelter thanks the Government of Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice for providing core funding to support our operations. We are supported in part by a grant from Our Lady of the Prairies Foundation as well.

Contact Us

  • If your need is urgent please contact YWCA Regina at 306-525-2141 and press “0” to connect with our 24 hour staff.
  • If you are seeking shelter, and cannot access a telephone, you can also email to contact Isabel Johnson Shelter.

National Emergency Survivor Support Fund (NESS Fund)

YWCA Canada’s NESS Fund provides one-time emergency, financial support to survivors of gender-based violence (which includes: domestic, spousal/intimate partner or family abuse; sexual/emotional/physical violence and abuse and homophobic and transphobic violence and abuse.

For more information on what the term “gender-based violence” means, please click here, to help them leave abusive living conditions, emergency shelters or precarious living situations like staying temporarily with friends/family or living unhoused.