Outreach & Repatriation

Outreach Services

Every year, over 200 women who walk through our doors are supported and encouraged in reaching their full potential and getting to where they want to be thanks to YWCA’s  Outreach Program. We use our resources to ensure women and families are supported in transitioning smoothly into safe housing and taken care of once they have settled in the community. Once established, our Outreach Case Coordinators continue to support them in the community because our doors are always open.

The YWCA Regina Outreach Team functions as a Rapid Re-Housing Program for women and their families, to find and maintain long-term appropriate housing. We also provide systems navigation, advocacy, crisis management, and case planning. The Outreach Case Coordinators work with women to reduce barriers and facilitate access to income security, affordable housing, food security, basic housing needs, community programming, substance use and mental health care, medical care, pre-employment services, legal services, and more.

YWCA Regina’s Outreach Team is dedicated to working with women, meeting them where they are when they approach us for help, and encouraging and supporting them to get where they want and meet their own goals.

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Family Repatriation

Amowacistin Pahkahokowin (Beehive Heartbeat) was established in 2021 for the purpose of family reunification and preservation. It is an Indigenous home: the home is birthed from and thrives off the Tipi Teachings, The Seven Grandfathers Teachings, and The Medicine Wheel and the value of Kinship is thoroughly demonstrated throughout the house. As it is an Independent Communal Living home, the home’s atmosphere naturally supports stabilization and independent living. In this home, families are encouraged and supported in reunification and repatriation, as the home is designed to bring mothers and their children together and support them in maintaining stability. Amowacistin Pahkahokowin is a voluntary program that provides 24-hour support to families and rent is calculated using the Basic Shelter Benefit provided by income assistance.

There are 8 Single Occupancy/Mom and Baby rooms that can accommodate a mom and 1 child, as well as 3 Family rooms that can accommodate a mom with 3-5 children accompanying her. Women and families are provided a room with basic furniture, beds, a fridge, and a private bathroom. Women and families share many spaces, such as showers/tub rooms, laundry, kitchen, dining and lounge areas. They are responsible to purchase their own groceries and encouraged to purchase their own personal supplies as well, with some provisions provided to them weekly for shared meals, baking, ceremonies, or in emergency.

Women and families are empowered to lead their own planning and there are many programming opportunities to participate in, such as talking circles, meal planning and cooking, parenting support, budgeting, skill building, and more. There are also many cultural activities to participate in and every Tuesday an Elder or kokum offers traditional teachings. Residents are encouraged to participate in opportunities in and outside the home, and are encouraged to invite family members to participate as well.

In order to be accepted to this program, women are encouraged to stay involved with YWCA Outreach services to be added to our waitlist. During this time on the waitlist, women and families will receive support from our Outreach Team, and this support will continue while living in the home and after families move out and into the community.