Become a YWCA Person with Purpose!

By becoming a member of the Persons with Purpose group, you promise to be here for them, whoever they may be. At the forefront of the steps you take and the decisions you make, you promise to make decisions powered by our collective values of:  

  • Respect – Everyone is deserving of an equitable and judgment-free environment. 
  • Inclusion –Everyone has an equal voice. 
  • Trust –Our work is done with integrity and authenticity to maintain the trust we have gained in our community.  
  • Encouragement –We meet people and communities where they are to support where they want to be. 
  • Resiliency –We address difficult conversations and community issues.  


Through this exciting YWCA Regina program, members have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to use their voice to make meaningful change and impact. Truly acting as Person with Purpose within our community.  

Membership Types  

Largely, YWCA Regina welcomes all individuals and groups to join the Persons with Purpose Membership regardless of members’ gender identity. As an ally, members will be aligned with the mission, vision and overall purpose and belief system of YWCA Regina.  

  • Individuals who are 18 years of age and older, who are committed to supporting Reconciliation, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity within our community, and society, are eligible for membership and may become a voting lifetime member upon application and payment of the prescribed fee on a pay-what-you-can basis.  
  • Community Organizations are welcome to join the membership program. Organization members are entitled to one vote but will not be entitled to hold office in the association.  
  • Upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, Honorary Lifetime members will be grandfathered into the membership of the Association. The YWCA Regina Board of Directors may confer this membership to any person 18 years of age and over who has provided extended or outstanding service to the YWCA Regina Inc. and has continued to support the goals and objectives of the Association. Honorary Lifetime members become voting members but are not required to pay the membership fee.  

Membership Fees  

The intention of the program is to create an inclusive membership base that is reachable, and engageable. Membership is accessible by individuals, companies, non-profit organizations or groups by a one-time fee, pay-what-you-can basis between $1.00 and $15.00; whatever is most comfortable for the applying member. Any person who has applied for membership of the association will be provisional members for a period of thirty (30) days. Provisional members may attend annual or special association meetings but are not entitled to vote and do not qualify for nomination or election to the Board of Directors.  

How to Become a Lifetime Member? 

After approval of the submitted application and one-time fee payment, members automatically become lifetime members Persons with Purpose Membership with the YWCA Regina Inc.

Member Benefits 

  • Members of the Association in good standing will be kept informed of association affairs and will be notified of annual and special association meetings.  
  • Members of the Association in good standing are entitled to vote at annual and special association meetings. Members of the association in good standing who are women or gender diverse are eligible for election to the Board of Directors and may be appointed to chair or to be a member of the Board of or association committees.  
  • Members enjoy a discount of 10% on YWCA’s Wear the Change merchandise.  
  • Opportunity to attend member meetings. 
  • Advance opportunity for tickets/registration to YWCA Regina Events.  
  • Collaboration opportunities for programming, advocacy, and workshops.  
  • Individuals and groups will have first access to crucial programming that supports building equity and encouraging success for women, children, and youth in our community.