Nominations for the 2023 Awards are open!

Do you know an outstanding woman in your community who deserves recognition?

In addition to honouring the woman you nominate for the YWCA Regina Women of Distinction, you help bring positive attention to her work, business or field of interest. You will also be supporting YWCA Regina by being part of our largest annual fundraising event. With these financial contributions, we will continue to break down barriers for women and girls, promote safety and security, empower children and youth, and speak out for women and their families.

Who is a Woman of Distinction?
A Woman of Distinction has made a commitment to and a significant difference in their community and world. Their achievements demonstrate vision, innovation, initiative, and a desire to make an impact for those they work with and serve every day. A Woman of Distinction is not just a member of her community, but a person making an active effort within that community to make a tangible and longstanding difference.  

How to Nominate

  • Complete the Nomination Form

    Click HERE to complete and submit the nomination form.

  • Save your nomination form

    Be sure to save a copy of your nomination form once completed for your records.

  • Submit your Nomination Supporting Documents

    Please include:
    1) 1 to 2 letters of reference in support of your nominee. No more than one-page long. Please ensure that contact information is included, that the references are aware that they may be contacted, and that the content of the letter will be shared with the Selection Committee.
    2) Optional Supporting Materials: webpage links, resume, newspaper articles, etc. as desired.

    Please submit these supporting documents directly to

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