2021 Categories

Do you know an outstanding woman in your community who deserves recognition?

After a year unlike any other, YWCA Regina will be using our Women of Distinction celebration to honour the women in South Saskatchewan who have shown exceptional courage in answering the call to support their community during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Women across the globe have been disproportionately affected by the Pandemic, representing 70% of all job losses. In addition, 56% of women workers held occupations in the 5C’s category: caring, cashiering, catering, cleaning and clerical functions. Many of these positions are essential workers, which means more women than men have had to risk their health and safety for the overall good of our community.


This award will honour an everyday hero who rolls up her sleeves to make sure every member of her community is taken care of. She is a woman who is facing the Covid-19 pandemic head on through her work on the front lines. She is considered an essential worker and is perhaps an educator, a first responder, a delivery driver, an early childcare provider, a grocery worker, or a custodian. She exemplifies courage and leadership on the front line and through her work, promotes the health and safety of her team and members of the community.

This award will honour a woman who is an outstanding member of our community. She is a visionary trailblazer, a source of strength for her community, and has improved and enriched the lives of others during the pandemic. She leads, mentors and inspires others through involvement in community programs, causes or groups. She has shown her dedication by creating, participating in, or adapting programs to meet community needs. She is recognized as a source of strength and heart in her community.

This award will honour a woman who continues to successfully navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur through the pandemic. Her achievements have broken down barriers and inspired change in a time where businesses must adapt. She could be running a business, filling a need in an existing market, or laying plans for a new vision of the future. She could be a leader in the skilled trades, industry or services sector whose achievements have broken down barriers and inspired positive change through the pandemic.

This award honours a woman who is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all people in her community. Through her work in the health care sector, she directly responds to the needs of individuals impacted by the pandemic. Perhaps she is a doctor, nurse, a medical officer or individual working in long-term care who provides patient advocacy support and care. She is called by her duty of care and shows up time and time again for those who need her. She elevates the value of physical, mental or spiritual well-being of every one she comes across and demonstrates leadership in health care, recreation, or community programming.

This award honours a woman who is an industry trailblazer, developing innovative solutions in response to the pandemic. Perhaps she is working in the field of science, technological, industrial or medical spaces to advance solutions and provide outside-the-box thinking and results. Perhaps she has leveraged her skillset in the fields of engineering, applied science, social sciences, life sciences, technology or a skilled trade to support individuals and her community. She is working for the advancement of technological or scientific discovery through research or application.

This award will honour a woman who is between the ages of 14 to 25 who has demonstrated leadership at school, in the community, or in her workplace throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. She demonstrates perseverance, innovation and uses her voice to create change in her community. This young woman is committed to a cause, dream or course of action to uplift others. She is an advocate and leader for years to come.