YWCA Capital Campaign

YWCA Regina Centre for Women and Families: Building on Our Strengths Together. ahkamêyimok – All of You Persevere!

Saskatchewan has a problem.

Our province has the highest rate of domestic violence and sexual assault in Canada– 90 per cent of those victims are women and girls. Indigenous women and girls are 6X more likely to experience violence. Here at YWCA Regina, over 80 per cent of the women coming to us for support are doing so because they are fleeing violence.

And every single day, those women and families in need of support right now cannot get it.

In 2022, over 3,000 women and children were turned away from our shelters due to lack of space – and the problem is intensifying: This year, 171 women and children were turned away every single month. Simply put, Regina’s most vulnerable populations are at a crisis point.

But we can change this.

Since 1910, we have been on the forefront of serving the women and families of Regina and area, supporting and empowering women and families. And now, after years of research, planning, and consultation, we are ready for the opportunity to do our work in a better way: A way that promotes healing, education, community support and crisis prevention

A way that wraps its arms around women and children.

Welcome to the YWCA Regina Centre for Women and Families

This facility will offer wrap-around services in a warm and welcoming place where every support a family needs to thrive can be found in one place.
By working with our partner organizations in a consolidated community ‘hub of support’ we can do our work in a better way –
a way that keeps families together, mitigates crisis, and ensures we are, as an entire community,
working together and responding to the needs of vulnerable families with lasting and sustainable solutions.

When we work with a woman in advance of crisis by providing these wrap-around supports in one place, not only does she benefit, our whole community does. Meeting the needs of a woman in crisis is a cost to our community of over $100,000/year. Providing support and shelter to that woman reduces that cost to $50,000/year. But, when we work with that woman in advance and navigate appropriate housing and support for her, the community cost is reduced to $14,000 — A cost avoidance of $86,000 per woman per year.

When you support the Centre for Women and Families, you foster healing, hope, independence, and the creation of a bright and sustainable future for your entire community.

Join us, and together, let’s be here for her – whoever she may be.

Centre for Women and Families Facts & Stats

The centre will provide wrap-around services in a trauma-informed
community environment, a consolidated hub for women and families to
access professional services in a safe and efficient manner.

A Consolidated Hub of Community Support

  • 108 beds including
    68 Supportive Housing Suites (including 16 double occupancy suites and 8 family suites)
    40 emergency beds
  • 2 childcare spaces
  • Outreach and counselling spaces
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Multipurpose community spaces
  • Social enterprise space
  • YWCA administrative and front-of-house supports
  • Indigenous healing lodge
  • Community Partners including:
    • All Nations Hope Network
    • Mobile Crisis Services
  • Space for visiting medical practitioners

Funding Sources:

Sources Millions
YWCA Community Campaign $18.0
YWCA Public Capital Campaign $6.2
City of Regina $2M Gift of Property $3.0
Government of Saskatchewan $5.3
Government of Canada $35.5
Total Sources $68.0

Budgeted Use of Funds

Use of Funds Millions
Land $2.0
Construction, Materials, and Labour Includes recent increases due to inflation $58.0
Furnishings and Equipment $2.0
Architect and Contractor $4.0
Fund Development Costs $2.0
Total Uses $68.0

Thank You To Our Sponsors